This life has come to a search for equality. Everybody claims to want equality. Politicians say, “if you elect or trust me, I will get you equality”. Unfortunately, most of the politicians or others who are offering equality are more interested in their own power and enrichment. Politicians are only looking at this world and how to gain power for themselves. If one is looking for true equality, look to God. Every one of us is divided into groups by economics, ethnic heritage, politics, region of birth. and many other factors. The only way to gain equality in this life is by looking to the ultimate judge. 

     God views us all equally. God knows us intimately. God sees who we really are. Nothing is hidden from him. We might be able to hide things from our friends, coworkers or family, but not from God. Paul wrote, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. We are all His creation. He has ultimate ownership of us. God sees our sinful condition. Our sinful condition is the one thing all of humanity has in common. We are equal. None of us deserves anything more than eternal punishment. We don’t deserve anything less.  

     The greatest equality was in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve lived in the garden in perfect equality. Equality with each other and perfect equality with God. God would come in the cool of the day and talk with Adam and Eve. Those must have been some amazing conversations.


  After the fall, humanity was more or less left to itself. But, throughout history God would move and select people to serve Him. There was Noah. He built a boat and saved his entire family. One constant throughout scripture is God’s love for fallen humanity. No matter how bad humanity became, God always loved us with a perfect love.


  After Noah, God knew humanity would need a savior. To that end, He looked at Ur of the Chaldeans and found a man named Abram. Eventually, Abram would be renamed Abraham. Abraham would have a son. That son would have a couple of sons. Eventually, the man Abraham’s family would become a people. One thing Abraham was promised was a land and a family. God told Abraham. The entire world would be blessed through his family. Through Jesus, all people would be equal.


  Jesus came to earth in the fullness of time. When Jesus came on the scene, the Jewish religion was so entrenched in society. There had been four hundred years of silence. There hadn’t been a major voice from God for that four hundred years. Jewish society had been totally stratified. On top were Jewish men, either Pharisees or Sadducees. These two major divisions of Judaism were arguing about who would divide the spoils. The spoils were followers. The problem was, neither sect was correct. Both sects had been so interested in their own power.


  When Jesus began preaching, his message was so new it appealed to the common people. Jesus took his message to the common people. His message was so simple. He spoke with authority. He plainly exercised authority. Jesus took his message to the lowest of society. He talked to women, tax collectors, or lepers, or anyone else who would listen. One of the primary examples of this was talking to the Samaritan woman at the well. Not only was Jesus talking to a woman, but a Samaritan woman. 


  Not too long in the future, Jesus would be arrested, tried, convicted and crucified. On the third day, Jesus was raised from the dead. He proved his resurrection to his disciples and sent them out into the world. He told them, Go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the rest of the world, which they did. The disciples started with the Jews. Once the Jews rejected the message of Christ, the gentiles were more receptive. The gospel took off as the gentiles. Not only were the gentiles receiving the message, they were receiving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit fell on all of them equally.


  Here we are roughly two thousand years later. The faith continues to grow and reach anyone who hears and receives it. No one who wants to accept Christ, is rejected. Nothing matters, race, wealth, social standing, marital status, or any of the other measurements by which society has been divided. In the end, only accepting Christ matters.